Miško and Brumko talk about feelings


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Preschooler Miško and his plush friend Brumka will help the children get to know the feelings.

Miško goes to kindergarten and encounters different feelings every day. He takes a visit to the doctor as a test of courage. He is proud of himself when he prepares breakfast for his parents. And when his friend runs along the freshly built sand castle, which Miško made, he gets angry. Do you find these situations familiar?

As always, little Miška is accompanied by his inseparable friend – his favorite plush teddy bear Brumko, who depicts complex emotions through sensory experiences. These are close and understandable to every kindergartener – for Brumka he likes a sweet taste, well-being is reminiscent of harp sounds and sadness is like a rainy day.
While reading this book, such a small reader can imagine himself in many well-known situations. Together with Miška and Brumek, they will learn to recognize, name and accept their feelings. They will also find out where they come from, how they can be expressed and how to deal with them.

For children from 3 years

Translated from the Polish original by Katarína Gruszczyk.

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Authors: Katarzyna Kozlowska, Marianna Schoett
Pages: 40
Binding: hard
EAN: 9788055179551
Language: Slovak
ISBN: 978-80-551-7955-1
Year of publication: 2021
Publisher: Ikar

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