In the shadow of invisible dragons


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About a strange little girl, a lost childhood and finding a way to each other.

This book can be read in one evening, but I still spread it over several days. I wanted my emotions to subside after every single chapter I read. I wanted to have time to think about the fate of the protagonist, but also the fates of my children’s clients, but no less about the life stories of the parents who lead their children to us.
The “girl” from this book struck me so deeply that I even consulted some of her parts with my colleagues or shared them with my husband.
This story is deep, moving, hard and painful, but also full of hope and determination to change. However, the story is mainly timeless, because although the period of totalitarianism is over, similar stories take place in houses and apartment buildings … in children’s rooms … day in and day out.

Outside, a normal family – university-educated parents, two children, property relations appropriate to the time of totalitarianism. Only the “little girl” is constantly causing problems. However, she herself presents the reader with a completely different view: the view of a child who cannot be indebted to the mother at any cost, which the mother’s unpredictable moods and manipulative, often callous, tricks behavior, destroys his self-confidence and faith in others, condemns him to loneliness and danger. .
An authentic story that we do not choose parents and childhood may not always be harmonious, but nevertheless, will, courage and heart can lead us in adulthood, with life in our hands.

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About a strange little girl, a lost childhood and finding a way to each other
Author: Ludmila Janáková
Publisher: Triton
Year of publication: 2021
Language: Czech
Binding: soft
240 pages
ISBN: 978-80-7553-891-8
EAN: 9788075538918

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