Emotions: Activity Book – Me and my emotions


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A children’s book full of educational stories on the subject of emotions from Monday to Sunday. Children learn about and explore individual emotions through tasks and play activities.

Children get acquainted with the everyday emotions that accompany them during the day, using this cute illustrated book. Through the activities, children will learn how to behave in certain situations and better understand themselves and their surroundings.

The book contains 48 pages of fun activities on the subject of emotions and two pages of stickers. Thanks to them, children will not only have fun, but also better understand their emotions and learn how to behave in many important life situations.

Although the book is in the Czech language, the text is smaller and the adult can translate simultaneously, resp. even a reading child can handle the text.

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Publisher: JIRI MODELS
EAN: 8595593826936
Language: Czech
Binding: hard
Weight: 285 g
Dimensions: 230 × 6 × 285 mm
Release Year: 2020
Pages: 48

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Weight 300 g
Dimensions 20 × 28 cm