Attachment effect


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We highly recommend this title. In fiction, you will learn a broad theoretical backround about relationship.

Relationship is dealt with in professional publications, many articles and popular texts on relationships. Why is this fifty-year-old theory suddenly accepted in psychological circles suddenly in vogue? Because people are finally beginning to understand that our earliest childhood experiences create a formula for all the relationships we experience later in life.

The book includes a relationship test and answers many important questions: “What does it mean to have a secure relationship?” How does an unstable relationship manifest? “How do I find out the type of bond I or my child has (at any age)?” Why are anxious and evasive types of bond usually attracted? “And how can this negative cycle be interrupted?” How can we – despite upbringing and past relationships – acquire a “gained secure relationship”? “How does a politician who does not have a secure relationship affect our lives?” How does an unstable relationship affect an athlete’s performance? “How to staff the company so that the employee ties complement each other and thus improve the overall performance?

These and many other questions will be answered in this book;)

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Peter Lovenheim
EAN: 9788081094057
ISBN: 978-80-8109-405-7
Language: Slovak
272 pages
Binding: soft
Year of publication: 2021
Publisher: Eastone Books

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