A house from another world


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“This book is a very rare experience for me,” said translator Silvia Kaščáková. ” >

A sensitive story about things that are hard to tell and keep quiet about. Some houses have their secrets. And they’ll do anything to make sure no one finds out.

When Daniel meets Mark, a strange girl with flashlight eyes, she suddenly feels it’s the beginning of an adventure. His new friend, hidden in the bushes, watches the house across the street. It might seem like ordinary and boring fun if Mark didn’t take her role deadly seriously. Plus, she’s scared. When the boy begins to search, which frightens her as she observes an ordinary house, he discovers incomprehensible and even terrible things. He definitely helps Mark solve the puzzle. But will a house that is not of this world allow them to reveal its secret?

This title is a priority for children 10 and older, as well as their parents. This is a more difficult topic at first, but it is necessary to talk about it. The Polish author did it very well: she gives it in an acceptable way to children, but also to us, so that we do not forget to talk about the fact that no one has the right to harm another. And that help for those who have experienced domestic violence does exist, even though it may be hiding behind the walls of the house.

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Author: Malgorzata Strekowska-Zaremba
Publisher: IKAR
Language: Slovak
Year of publication: 2021
Binding: Hard
240 pages
Edition: Centipede
ISBN: 978-80-551-7666-6
EAN: 9788055176666

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